Corporate and promotional movies play an important role in today’s competitive market.
We work closely with clients to achieve optimum results and sales on a controlled budget basis.
Our involvement includes:
Client liaison, Initial storyboard, Filming, Editing and final production on location and in studio.

Sheridan Jones

A promotional DVD created for Sheridan Jones to Promote their "fly by” 3 day inspection trips for potential customers wanting to purchase a property or business in the Canary Islands.

Running time 1 min 46 sec
Total running of full version 5 min 32 sec

Three Castles

An annual 3 day classic car rally event in North Wales with over 150 entrants.
Each entrant receives a DVD as a souvenir of the event showing highlights over the 3 days plus
the ‘gala evening’ awards ceremony.

Running time 1 min 40 sec
Total running of full version 1 hour 11 sec


A corporate DVD created for CES UK
to promote the companies full service.
The DVD is used in their retail branches
on counter tops and is also used to
promote monthly supplier promotions
and special offers.

Running time 1 min 59 sec
Total running of full version 3 min 18 sec


An In-Store promotional DVD for Monamor to promote their high end range of bathing and beauty products.

Running time 36 sec
Total running of full version 1 min 9 sec